If they laughed when you said you wanted to work in social media, read on.

If they laughed when you posted something on social media, send us your CV.

We’re on the hunt for a Junior Creative to add to our rapidly growing team here. Not only will you be joining a lovely bunch of talented (their words, not ours) people, working with Clients including Channel 4, Jamie Oliver, B&Q, Nando’s, and more, but you’ll also be able to tell your parents that you’re being paid to mess around on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, which is surely worth more than the actual salary*. (*there is an actual salary).

Whilst we don’t like to have TOO many ‘mandatories’, here are a few things we’re looking for. It would be nice if you tick at least some of the boxes:

  • A creative mind. The ability to think outside the box sufficiently that your application won’t mention ‘thinking outside the box’.

  • Strong copywriting. Whether it’s 140 characters or a few more, you should be able to write good.

  • Passion for social media platforms. If you don’t even have a Twitter account, then this might not be the job for you. Sorry.

  • Ability to answer a brief. Maybe you’ve done work experience at a client or agency. Perhaps you could invent a brief and tell us how you’d solve it in social media. Either way, our work is all a response to a Client challenge.

  • Some relevant experience. We’re not knocking your internship in accountancy, but it would be nice if you can tell us about a social media project you’ve worked on.

  • Not afraid to get your hands dirty. Not (necessarily) literally. We work hard here, and that shouldn’t scare you - we’re not a massive team, so we all have to muck in when things are busy. It makes things exciting, but also means there are no prima donnas when there’s work to be done.

If you’re interested, send us a copy of your CV (ideally with some examples of your work) to jobs@thatlot.co.uk by December 15th and tell us why you think we’d all get along.