We read the internet so that you don’t have to. A round-up of the best tweets, hottest brand banter and the best stuff we did this week.

Here are the best tweets we read this week…

Lee Brace questioned this real-life fantasy:

Timothy Thornton accidentally summoned the devil:

Anicca’s brother:

Lori is getting pretty good at sketches:

Ellie’s mum:

On point brand banter. #branter

Google did an amazing #Trump GIF:

Old Spice asked its followers what questions they’d like to ask their future selves THEN created accounts from each follower’s future self and tweeted them the answer.

Nike Women launched a pretty cool episodic social campaign:

The best of our stuff...

Our own David Schneider's take on the Kanye tweets scandal:

The Voice held a Q&A with Boy George…

…And struck gold with this:

Have I Got News For You on Google tax complaints: 

And finally, we wanted to know how needy you are on Twitter: