We read the internet so that you don’t have to. A round-up of the best tweets, hottest brand banter and the best stuff we did this week.

Here are the best tweets we read this week…

Bea_Ker has Trump's number…

Simon Cowell finally crossed something off his to-do list:

Unnamed Insider knew what to do when Twitter went down…

Pat Tobin has dog vision:

Technically Ron used autocomplete to create a dating profile:

Rhys James raises a good point…

Ryan Gary’s dog. Forever, this dog:

On point brand banter. #branter

Dave TV talked penguins:

Waterstones Tottenham Court Road celebrate #PenguinAwareness Day

Innocent smoothies sum up every brand's take on #PenguinAwarenessDay

Mangal spill their secrets

Paddy Power found comedy gold

NASA confess to double dipping

The best of our stuff...

The Map of Trump

Have I Got News For You told it like it is, again

Our new ad for 1-2-3-reg dropped


The Carphone Warehouse cheered up the nation…

The Voice got chatty with #BoyGeorgeChat

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