We read the internet so that you don’t have to. A round-up of the best tweets, hottest brand banter and the best stuff we did this week.

Here are the best tweets we read this week…

Keet gets 'policy'

Moose Allain made a beautiful thing

Alby found Alan

Notorious bought a milkshake

Susie's son did this uncanny impression

TechnicallyRon is banned from editing Wikipedia

Ellie Goulding had a bit of a 'mare

On point brand banter. #branter

Arena Flowers waxed lyrical

Innocent did pancakes

Netflix proved they knew their audience

Chipotle somehow made a burrito sexy

The best of our stuff...

Our very own David Schneider and Andrea Mann created this Map of Trump:

Channel 4 gave people the chance of a lifetime: their love life sorted out by First Dates' Fred

And Jay from the Inbetweeners gave some dating advice:

Check out the video here:

Marvin liked our tweet for The Voice #TeamBrovaries

Have I Got News For You nailed #PMQs