We read the internet so that you don’t have to. A round-up of the best tweets, hottest brand banter and the best stuff we did this week.

Here are the best tweets we read this week…

Keri got romantic:


Glenny Rodge talked about the greats:

Kate Robbins a-MAZE-d us. Geddit? Maze? Ah, go on:

Chris Cook highlighted why we need a space bar:

Marie Le Conte spoke the truth:

Lisa McInerney found a really passive aggressive book:

Jeremy Vine got a letter:

Deemcdonnell pointed out an Irish thing…

On point brand banter. #branter

Innocent did a good Groundhog Day tweet. A lot.

And again:

Taco Bell did a rather clever pre-order campaign on social: you buy their latest launch, but they don't tell you what it is:

Order-ers ordered blindly and were given a personalised video to share on social…

JetBlue made a video about flight etiquette:

NASA continue to be pretty bad-ass:

House of Fraser launched their #Emojinal campaign:

The best of our stuff...

First Dates shared some #FirstData:

The Voice celebrated Kevin Simm nailing his audition:

Have I Got News For You launched this zinger: