Here's a little round-up of some cool stuff on the internet over the last couple of days. More updates to follow in the coming weeks...


Beautiful little video captured on Remembrance Day that's going viral on Facebook.


Peep Show - a gift from the social media gods. Check out the highlights on The Drum (featuring, ahem, us lot):

Have Disney just bettered the Apple Watch?! Their prototype tech responds to and interacts with objects you're holding:


Conan does his usual Clueless Gamer bit with the game of a generation, Fallout 4:


The importance of being giffy - head to Ad Week to find out why Taco Bell have created 600 gifs and photos:



New Microsoft facial recognition literally rates your happiness based on your photo. How long before Facebook buys this...?


Check out the 10 most watched ads of October (Nike, Barbie & Playstation Star Wars are particularly awesome):