It was August, so obviously everyone’s thoughts were turning to… Christmas.

Over the summer Jerusalem Productions & ITN approached That Lot, seeking a social media activation of their ‘Christmas Starts With Christ’ campaign. Social content would support and build on their Nativity Factor campaign, two videos retelling the Nativity story from a new perspective.

We pitched them ‘Jesus Tweets You’ – an interactive experience of modern-day Jesus from his perspective, as if he were alive today.

Using a combination of comedy writing and social listening, we fulfilled Jerusalem Production’s goal: to remind Twitter users of the true meaning of Christmas.


From jumping on promoted hashtags to teasing brands, @JesusTweetsYou provided an always-on commentary and built a responsive community of comedy fans and Christians alike.


Our bass line that we used to draw in the punters was a constant supply of jokes from our network of comedy writers and in-house talent.


We then sought out brands to respond to.


Jesus then elicited responses from big brands about the story of the Nativity.


We didn’t just talk to brands and crack jokes: we also got involved in trending conversations with tweets, mash-up videos, gifs and personalised responses.


We also responded to any breaking news stories in the months leading up to Christmas, from the banning of the Lord’s Prayer..


…To the major Christmas adverts.


We reached some exciting biblical milestones, from 12 followers…


To 5000!


The campaign concluded on Christmas day, with over 5,400 followers.


Overall, the campaign reached over 5.4 million people, with over 4,000 retweets and 6,000 likes.