Instagram has launched carousel ads for Instagram Stories, a format which allows users to purchase products through a carousel of image or videos. 


As Spice Girls so eloquently put it, 2 really have Become 1. Instagram has merged Facebook’s successful traffic-driving, product-focused carousel ad unit with Stories - better known for its visual and storytelling capabilities. 

Instagram Story carousel ads aren’t limited to one piece of media either. Brands are able to weave products into three pieces of media (images and/or videos) to drive purchases and they appear between organic Instagram Stories. 

One of our clients (who will remain nameless, but let’s say for the purpose of this blog post, are a leading DIY brand) was selected by Facebook to beta test the format. 

We worked closely with the platform to develop an innovative and creative execution for an outdoor range push. With product images at the heart of the creative, our Instagram Story Carousel featured clever movements, transitions, animations and effects to bring various products to life in thumb-stopping fashion. 

The results were exceptional. Our client saw a higher CPC (cost per click) through the Instagram Story Carousel ad unit than any of their other adverts on Facebook that month. This was a first for the brand and us. 

For a platform that’s not traditionally known for its commerce performance, it’s intriguing to see Instagram continue to grow its offering for brands whilst staying true to its visual-first roots. 

We’re all aboard the (Instagram Story) Carousel.