Forget Spanish and Cantonese, the fastest growing language on the planet is… emoji. 🌎💬

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and emoji says it all in one character, which is handy when you’ve only got 140 to play with. They’re kind of like the 21st Century hieroglyphics. 📜  

While Russia’s trying to ban the use of gay emojis, 👭 👬 👩‍❤️‍👩👨‍❤️‍👨 Facebook claims that people are done with LOLing and are now three times more likely to express laughter with a ‘picture letter’ (or ‘emoji’ in Japanese). 😆😆😆

Innocent 👼 recently opened a pop up emoji cafe in Shoreditch✌️ (obvs) where you could order your drinks via emoji on Instagram. #🍹🍉🍌🍓🍐🍍🍊🍑🍋🍇


Since Instagram allowed users to hashtag and search with emojis, they say 50% of all comments are now in emoji rather than actual w o r d s. 😳

Using the hashtag, #ChevvyGoesEmoji, Chevrolet challenged people to decode their entire emoji press release, stating that: “words alone can't describe the new 2016 Chevrolet Cruze”. 😵 


Comedian Adam Kay recently performed a whole stand-up show at Edinburgh Fringe entirely in Emojis. 😂👏 He said: “Emojis are clearly a crucial part of culture and communication today - in a few years there'll probably be whole Edinburgh Fringe shows just in emoji form. Confused face.”


Our very own @davidschneider created an emoji nativity, summing up Christmas in a single tweet. 💪


In another study, Instagram said hearts, faces and hand gestures account for the top 10 most used characters, and as pointed out by The Next Web, emoji offers up something that text alone often lacks: emotion. 😀😁😂😃😆😍😜😘😖😤😩 


Mint brand, Mentos, released its own so-called Ementicons, which it calls “a fresh new   way to express yourself.”

Ikea made it possible for us talk in meatballs, among other things, by releasing 100 of their own emojis.


Armed with an emoji, brands are breaking down language barriers and cutting through the noisy world of like-bating, giveaways and sponsored posts and are talking our language. 💬💻 

For example, McDonalds France has decided that we’re not only speaking in emoji, we’re turning into them too. Their latest keyboard ad ends with the tagline: ”Venez comme vous êtes," which translates to "Come as you are”.

They’ve obviously not updated their phones in the last six months, as emoji people now come in 5 varying skin tones. Get with it, Ronald. 😏 

For the kale eating, pug walking hipsters who won’t settle for 🍔🍟🍦 we created this selection of emojis for the Huffington Post. 👏 


And it’s happened, the first paid brand emoji has arrived. Coca-Cola have worked with Twitter and W+K to create the clinking Coke bottles emoji, which appear when you tweet #ShareaCoke. 💰💰💰


Apple’s recent iOS 9 update may have given us a super Siri and selfie folder but has left us waiting on new emojis, which are rumoured to include a middle finger and a taco. We’ll have to hold fire on flipping the bird until the iOS 9.1 release and hope that Facebook’s dislike button arrives sooner.


To avoid you using emoticons like your mum 👵 (winking smiley), here’s a handy emojipedia… 🔍📖