We all know that gifs are the cornerstone of the internet. What did we do before we could respond to tweets with animated lo-res Lohan smirks or Minaj twerks? Simply write things? No thanks. 

Facebook have always struggled to accommodate the fast-paced, ever-changing multitude of formats we communicate with online; the behemoth has introduced (and fundamentally changed) the way we feedback with 'likes' and comments, but gifs have always been an ugly little sister they keep in the attic compared to their beautiful video and comment system. 

Until now.

Although a little clunky (and in some cases needing a chrome add-on for commenting), gifs are slowly becoming functional on the platform. If this becomes a fully-fledged feature supporting animated gif content like twitter (and we think it may...), this could mean huge things for users and brands alike. Although video content looks dazzling on Facebook - something which the brand push at every opportunity, championing their functionality and performance - gifs load faster, take less data, are easier to create and edit, and - most importantly - are available to everyone. 

Vine became the latest hotspot for the kids to create mega lolz etc, but could gif formatting become an even easier platform to play on? There are obvious drawbacks like no sound and usually very short in length, but that doesn't seem to stop us on every other platform out there. 

Facebook opening the doors to gif functionality is a big deal. Not only does it show that they are (slowly but surely) listening to and accommodating user behaviour, but it also opens up so many new possibilities for populating a sometimes stale timeline. Brands will now be able to create engaging content in an entirely new format - emotive, funny, scary, colourful, dark, unexpected, 3D, serious, newsworthy, cats... - the list is endless and we can't wait to get creative...

Here's some of our all time faves:


Ahh, the circle of ... death.



Edge of Tomorrow's best shot?

Monday mornings?

What a beautiful earthquake.

Load of rubbish.


Firefox has encountered a problem with Windows.